Swanson Surprise!

Are you excited for the Iowa State Men’s Basketball Game on Tuesday? The answer is OF COURSE you are, and so is Swanson!

We know what you’re thinking.
“Why would the VEISHEA mascot be excited about a basketball game? Swans don’t have anything to do with basketball.” And we’re not insulting your intelligence. Generally, you’d be correct, but our Swanson is no ordinary swan!

We are excited to announce that Swanson will be competing in the mascot game during halftime of Tuesday’s game vs. Texas Tech-Corpus Christi! We hope to see you all there cheering him on!

Swanson Basketball

Swanson Quick Facts
Hometown: Much like Coach Fred Hoiberg, Swanson was born and raised here in Ames. Does that make him the Lt. Mayor?
Height: 6’7”
Wingspan: 7’
What to watch for: Swanson’s long neck helps him see above the other players, so he always knows what’s coming next! However, Swanson’s lack of fingers sometimes makes ball-handling a challenge.

Introducing your VEISHEA 2014 General Co-Chairs!

2014 VEISHEA General Co-Chairs

No two people are more excited about VEISHEA 2014 than this year’s General Co-Chairs(or GenCos, as we like to call them in the VEISHEA bubble), and Nick Morton and Karl Kerns are the best men for the job. VEISHEA’s general Co-Chairs oversee both the 26 other members of our executive board, as well as over 300 committee members, and about 200 VEISHEA Corps members, each of whom contribute in different ways to the VEISHEA celebration. Together, Nick and Karl also work closely with university administration to ensure that VEISHEA traditions, old and new, continue to create the best experience possible for both the Iowa State and Ames communities

Meet Nick

  • Senior double majoring in Environmental Science and Political ScienceMeet Nick Morton
  • From Fairfield, Iowa
  • Claims that he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, but it’s obvious that his dedication to helping others drives him! He says that after graduation, he’d like to go to graduate school and study higher education administration or student affairs. He isn’t ready to settle yet though, as he’s also considering joining the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps
  • Involved on campus as the Vice-President for STARS, as a Site Development Chair for Alternative Breaks, as well as a Peer Advisor at the Study Abroad Center
  • “I am double jointed in my shoulders and everyone hates it when I show them. It’s a gnarly fun fact but it is pretty sweet.”
  • Spent a semester his sophomore year studying abroad in the Fiji islands, and recommends everyone make time for a study abroad experience
  • Proudly served on VEISHEA his freshman year planning the Dignitaries Breakfast on the Alumni Relations Committee, as well as serving as 2013’s Campus and Community Involvement Co-Chair. He’s most looking forward to VEISHEA Saturday and watching the experience that all the hard work brings.

Meet Karl

  • Senior, majoring in Animal Science with a minor in International Agriculture
  • Hopes to attend graduate school in the area of molecular reproductive physiology. Karl’s goal is to eventually come back to Iowa State University as a pro
  • Rocking that pink tie, Karl!fessor and to use his genius as a leader in the area of porcine reproductive physiology to help increase food production to the demands projected by the United Nations FAO by 2050
  • Raised on a pig genetic seedstock farm in Clearfield, Iowa
  • Spreads his talents elsewhere on and off campus, working with Bacon Expo, Student Federation for Agriculture, Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, Alpha Zeta Honor Fraternity, and Cardinal Key Senior Honorary Society. He is also the Vice-Chair of Wesley Collegiate United Methodist Church Foundation Board.
  • Served both on the Catering Committee and as a Catering Co-Chair for VEISHEA. Last year, he served as VEISHEA 2013’s Business Manager. He’s most looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work pay off during VEISHEA week.

What’s your favorite part about being at Iowa State?

Nick: “What is my favorite part about Iowa State? Now that is the most difficult question I get asked. I love the people, I love the campus, but more importantly I love what it has taught me. It has taught me to follow my passion, to enjoy the adventure, and most importantly to never worry about the future because it will always work out. Every day I wake up and leave my apartment knowing something great will happen. It will be tough to leave this wonderful place in May!”
Karl: “Quite simply the Iowa State experience is what I love most about ISU. This isn’t something that comes from in the classroom, but instead out of the classroom. Our student organizations are second to none and the support the university gives for these I am greatly thankful for. There’s rarely a time I walk across campus and don’t see someone I don’t know; this is a direct result of the Iowa State experience.”

What are you most excited for about VEISHEA? Have questions for Nick and Karl? Write on our Facebook wall, @mention us on Twitter, or visit our website for Frequently Asked Questions about VEISHEA 2014.

VEISHEA Wouldn’t Go Without Corps Members

Now that VEISHEA has begun, we would like to take this prime opportunity to highlight how much we LOVE all of the VEISHEA Corps members!

Corps members are essential to VEISHEA running smoothly, and they do everything on a volunteer basis.
From event setups, to manning barricades and refereeing tournaments, VEISHEA Corps members are anywhere and everywhere!

VEISHEA Corps may be on a volunteer basis and a minimal time commitment, but we truly appreciate every second of members’ time. Without VEISHEA Corps, VEISHEA could never be the largest student-run organization in the nation!

If you see a Corps member around campus next week be sure to tell them thank you for their hard work, and remember to be safe during the 2013 VEISHEA celebration.

Remember to stay up to date on all official VEISHEA news and events by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Click Here for a full schedule of events, we can’t wait to see you all!

Love, the VEISHEA crew

Give Back and Volunteer

ServiceDay1We’re down to the last couple of weeks before everyone’s favorite time of the year arrives and we can’t help but be excited!

There are only eight days until this year’s VEISHEA Service Day and there are so many ways to get involved!

Shifts from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. have a variety of options for service, and lunch will be provided. Help out by working at Reiman Gardens, Habitat for Humanity or in the Ames parks!

Volunteers can count hours toward scholarships, Greek service and other requirements.

Get a group of friends and give back to the community we love on April 6 in any way you can!

Find opportunities and register yourself or your group by clicking here. Also, don’t forget to “like” VEISHEA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all your official updates!

Stay tuned for ticket giveaways and special posts as we get closer to our exciting tradition!

Love, The VEISHEA Crew

Dream Floats

Parade_0007This week at VEISHEA, we’re excited about the Parade! After some float brainstorming in the VEISHEA office, we asked our Parade co-chairs, Dakota Lueken and Rebecca Ahlers, to describe their dream floats. Here’s what they want to see!

Dakota: “My dream float would include a scene that depicts a wilderness scene in which a stream is flowing from the top of a mountain and through the float and uses a pump to direct the water back to the top of the stream. Throughout the layout of the float, there would be many movable parts like animals and trees. Overall, since it would include mountains, it would be very tall and as people see it go by, they would just be stunned at how realistic the float is.”

American Gothic by Grant Wood

Rebecca: “What would be a more perfect float than one that, not only includes two Iowa State icons, but also something Iowa is known for?! With that being said, my dream float would look a little something like the American Gothic, but with a little VEISHEA and ISU sprinkled in. Swanson and Cy would definitely be posing as the American Gothic with some corn and the Campanile in the background.”

Both floats sound awesome! What would your dream float look like?

Don’t forget: VEISHEA parade registration ends today, March 15! If your organization is interested in recreating Dakota or Rebecca’s dream float, or if you have an awesome idea of your own, click here to register for the parade and get tips on float building.

Follow us on Twitter (@VEISHEAatISU) and like us on Facebook for the latest VEISHEA updates or visit veishea.iastate.edu for everything you need to know!

We hope you all have a great Spring Break!

Love, The VEISHEA Crew

VEISHEA Means A Lot To Us

IMG_0814When you think of VEISHEA, lots of exciting things come up. Concerts, parade, tournaments, food on campus… the list never ends! But do you really know what VEISHEA means? We do!

VEISHEA was named in 1922 by Engineering professor Frank D. Paine after the five original colleges at Iowa State (then Agricultural College.) Pronounced “VEE-sha,” our favorite letters stand for…

Veterinary Medicine: Officially founded in 1879, became the nation’s first four-year veterinary curriculum in 1903.

Engineering: Established in 1858 as “mechanic arts”, was one of the original two colleges recognized and granted the nation’s first ever master’s degree in Engineering in 1879.

Industrial Science: embodied science education at Iowa State and included subjects such as military tactics and bacteriology.

Home Economics: Currently known as Family and Consumer Sciences studies, is now part of the College of Human Sciences as a degree program. It includes Family Studies, Food and Nutrition, and Textiles and Clothing.

Agriculture: Iowa State’s other original college, introduced the first major in Global Resource Systems in August 2009.

So now you know! The next time someone asks you about one of the largest student-run events in the nation, be sure to mention a few of VEISHEA’s origins and traditions.

Don’t forget to find out how you can get involved at veishea.iastate.edu! Also, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exciting announcements and opportunities during VEISHEA 2013!

Love, The VEISHEA Crew

Make 2013 VEISHEA a Success!

Everyone knows that VEISHEA is one of the largest student-run celebrations in the country. Here at the VEISHEA offices, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that 2013 is the best one yet! What you might not know is how to guarantee that this VEISHEA will be one to remember, but you’re in luck.

Students serving food during VEISHEA.

Students serving food during VEISHEA.

We know that the easiest way to make this VEISHEA the greatest one of all time is to get everyone involved! We’re coming in hot this week with some looming deadlines that might just be calling your name.

We’re all about choosing our adventures at Iowa State, which is why we have more than 800 student clubs and organizations on campus. Talk to your club and organization leaders about being a part of VEISHEA Village! It’s an awesome way to get the word out about your club and be a part of the excitement of VEISHEA. Applications are here and due this Friday, March 1!

If you love everything there is to love about VEISHEA, then Corps is calling your name! It’s on a volunteer basis, so it’s a great way to fill up any free time during VEISHEA. Whether you want to be a referee for tournaments, help with security, set up equipment or serve food on campus, we have a place for you! Apply here by Friday, March 8!

A local band performing during MuSE.

A local band performing during MuSE.

Are you a musician? You or your band can apply to be a part of VEISHEA’s Music Showcase Extravaganza (MuSE). Six bands will be chosen by the committees to perform on Wednesday, April 17 at ISU’s own M-Shop. Yours could be one of them! Click here to apply by this Friday, March 1.

There are tons of other ways to get involved in VEISHEA, so if these aren’t for you then head to veishea.iastate.edu and find your perfect fit. We can’t wait to have you help us out!

Love, the VEISHEA crew


LIVE_COVEROn Sunday, Feb. 3, the LIVE @ VEISHEA concert lineup was announced. If you haven’t seen the release video yet, you can view it below. With the list of the bands finally out to the public, we wanted to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes to get these great artists to Iowa State. So we conducted a Q & A session with Entertainment co-chairs, Aaron and Brittney.

Q: When does the process of finding bands for VEISHEA begin and where do you even start?

A & B: We start looking in late September, early October. We start by looking to see who is on tour now and who may be on tour in the spring. The main things we want to look for is finding someone who is available, who is relevant and affordable.

Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin

Q: What was the motivation behind this year’s lineups?

A & B: We know that country sells well here, and that was a big factor for Friday night. We went with more indie rock than the last couple of years to add to the variety of the lineup. We also wanted a big hip-hop act for Saturday night. It’s good to have good artists that are complimentary to one another to follow each other on stage. You also have to look for artists that are appropriate for the message we want to send as a VEISHEA committee.

Q: What’s something we will see at LIVE @ VEISHEA 2013 that we didn’t last year?

A & B: To our knowledge, we’ve never had a country headlining act, so that’s unique in 2013 with Jana Kramer and Easton Corbin wrapping up Friday night’s concerts. We also have more country bands in general for Friday. Club VEISHEA was changed for 2013, too. Last year both nights were hip-hop, but this year there will be hip-hop and then the second night will be a country DJ. We like the change because it makes for a good balance with the concerts. We are trying to provide more opportunities for everyone’s tastes.

Q: Why should Iowa State students buy a ticket to LIVE @ VEISHEA?

A & B: There’s more opportunity and variety. We have something for everyone. Also, ticket prices are extremely cheap. If you think about what you would normally pay to see a lot of these artists, it’s a great deal. You won’t have the opportunity to pay $20 for two nights of 12 great music performers. (Tickets are $15 for each night, or $20 for both.)


Q: It sounds like B.o.B is bringing something unique to VEISHEA, what’s that about?

A & B: Typically, hip-hop artists might come alone or with just a DJ, but that’s not the case this year. B.o.B will be bringing a full band of somewhere between 12 and 15 members. It should be a unique and fun experience for VEISHEA and something the students should be excited for.

Q: You’re going to have people who might not like the lineup you’ve put together this year. What’s your message as to why VEISHEA chooses the lineup it does?

A & B: We just ask people to understand that we have a lot of different types of students that we have to cater to at Iowa State. We try to reach as many as we can with the lineup we put together. It can be difficult. We have a budget that we have to work with and there are only so many ways you can put some of them together. It’s like putting a puzzle together.

Q: So is there no chance at a surprise Justin Bieber appearance?

A & B: No Justin. The Bieber Fever has left Ames.

Q: Are Kris Allen and Andrew Allen long-lost relatives?

A & B: To our knowledge and after several dedicated hours of research, we have found they are not biologically related, but who knows.

We’d like to thank Aaron and Brittney for answering some questions for us and giving the students a better understanding as to what goes on behind the scenes of the VEISHEA entertainment committee.

You can click here to see the entire lineup and purchase tickets.

You can also see the LIVE @ VEISHEA release video here:

Swans Have History…and Mystery?

In honor of our newest family member, Swanson, this week’s VEISHEA inside blog is all about two Iowa State icons: Sir Lancelot and Elaine!

Sir Lancelot and Elaine were introduced to Iowa State by the VEISHEA members of 1935. They continue to be one of the best-known symbols of VEISHEA today, and spend their days swimming in Lake LaVerne, protecting their territory from unwanted goose visitors, and posing for pictures taken by passers-by. They were named through a contest and the winner was awarded a whopping $10.


Currently, Lancelot and Elaine are both female mute swans. The swans were destined to be Cyclones, as we all learned when CYgnets were hatched in 1944, 1970, and 1971. For many years following, both swans were male until they became too aggressive and were switched out for females. Swans mate for life, and though our beloved swans lay eggs each spring, they no longer hatch little ones.

In 1995, two trumpeter swans were introduced into Lake LaVerne in an attempt to re-acclimate them to their natural Iowa habitat. The trumpeter swans, however, were loud and aggressive and after being released back into the wild were replaced with the mute swans.

You still hear mutterings of rumors and mystery surrounding Lancelot and Elaine on campus. Why don’t they ever try to leave the lake? Where do they go when it gets too cold? Where do they get the swans from? Do they switch them out every two weeks? How many swans do we even have? Are they even really there, or are they just a figment of our imaginations?!

We can’t know for sure, but we know we love them and the tradition they bring to Iowa State!

Keep posted on VEISHEA events, scholarships and information at veishea.iastate.edu and stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for our LIVE @ VEISHEA lineup releases!

Love, the VEISHEA crew

Welcome to the VEISHEA Blog!

Thanks for coming by! Want to know more about what’s going on at this year’s VEISHEA celebration and how it gets done? Leading up to VEISHEA 2013, we will be letting you in behind the scenes of the planning for the great Iowa State tradition.

We can’t wait to give you a behind-the-scenes look at all the things we do to prepare for VEISHEA and to make sure it’s memorable for the Iowa State community. Check back every week to see all kinds of exciting VEISHEA news, including:

  • How to get involved
  • Guide to your favorite VEISHEA events
  • Some exciting VEISHEA guest writers
  • and a few other surprises along the way!
Here's Swanson in front of Lake LaVerne

Here’s Swanson in front of Lake LaVerne

We also want to introduce our new mascot, Swanson! Swanson will be around campus this semester and all around during VEISHEA week. If you see Swanson on campus, be sure to snap a picture and post them using the hashtag #SwanOnCampus on Twitter or tag VEISHEA on Facebook!

We’ll be back next week, until then visit us at https://www.veishea.iastate.edu/ for all the latest updates.

Love, The VEISHEA Crew